About Us

Rasamasa is for enjoyable Indonesian home cooking.


We want to make Indonesian home cooking experiences more enjoyable from kitchen to table.


We are serious about recipes.

Whether in our friends' homes or in our own kitchen, all recipes in Rasamasa is a proven recipe that have been tried. This way, you can relax cooking and scoring points with your family and friends.


No fuss recipes.

Our recipes are simple and basic. It can be cooked with as little cooking utensils as possible because we know that the worst part of cooking is in washing the dishes afterward.


We don't like to waste food.

Like any home cooks, we hate to see food gone to waste so all the foods you see here are real and extremely edible! We normally have an empty plate situation as soon as the shooting is over.


It feels good to share everything we learn in our kitchen.

Everytime we come out of our test kitchen, there is always a lesson or two that we learn: from organizing cooking steps to plating them. We enjoy sharing them with you. 


But it would feel even better to hear from those who know more than us.

You know what? With 300+ tribes, each with their own way of living, we won't pretend that we know everything about Indonesian home cooking. So, if there is anything that we have missed, tell us in the comment box or send us an email.


...because anything to do with food is meant to be shared.





Rima Sjoekri



RIMA's experiences in research of food and drink product guide her instincts in nit-picking recipes, and the cooking wisdom within each recipe. This way old family recipes get reimagined within the right context of modern Indonesian living. She is also a volunteer guide at the Museum Nasional Indonesia, so you can ask her to point out any cooking-related objects at the museum.


Shanty Harmayn



SHANTY is an award winning film producer who has produced memorable films: Garuda Di Dadaku and Sang Penari. Sang Penari won the Best Picture in the Festival Film Indonesia 2011. Shanty comes from a mixed family with father from Banten and mother from Ambon - talk about diversity on her dining table!


Rubiana Fajar



RUBI is one of the first wedding planners in Indonesia. She launched Great Ideas For Wedding, as a way to put make it easy for would be married couples to plan their wedding. Rubi grew up in a family that loved entertaining guests at home, in which food has always played central role. She now spins her business into Great Ideas For Entertaining under the name of Life Is Sweet, which is an event conceptor such as Iftar Under the Stars during the fasting period in 2016.


Rasamasa Team


Nurmalita Fatmayanti



LITA is grateful that her childhood was spent with her Mbah Putri (grandmother) who lets her freely play cooking with the wildest ideas possible. An avid reader of Bobo magazine, and one of the millennial groupies for Sisca Soewitomo, the host of ‘Aroma’ cooking show. She is hopeful that the myth of ‘ones whose fingers are pudgy are good cooks’ will become a reality.


Dwi Herawati




Triana & Udin


Rasamasa Partners

Mendiola Wiryawan



Erwin Yusrizal




Sitta Manurung, Bintang David, Adi Wijaya, Adithya Pratama, Arfi Binsted, Eriek N. Juragan, Irene J. Haris, Natali, Rihan Pirous, Samuel Sunanto, Tatu Hutami, and other contributors


Rasamasa Dapur Jo Crew


Joanna Lasmono, Rama Nalapraya, Andre Palmer, Andrew Sjarief, Michael Soetantyo, Sabil Al Rasjid, Puguh Nirmolo, Candra Habibie, Arton, Diane Deswati, Yunita Nalapraya, Yani Safira, Margaretha Novianty, Wichita Sari, Ray Widijastuti, Ridwan, Budi, Yayat Abdul Soleh, Mar, Pipit, Teguh, Kori, Mut dan Udin


Rasamasa Resep Kita Crew


Putri Mumpuni, Ochie & Yulia Baltschun, Batara Goempar Siagian, Putra Dendang, Budi Kurniawan, Talita Amalia, Nicholas Yudifar, Endah Purwani Basuki, Benny Samson, Dimas Aditya, Budi, Kamal, Ibonk, Raymond Tampubolon, Hendra Setiadji, Riri Pohan, Pritagita Arianegara, Chacha Rasyidi Arief, Ony, Anto, Fredy, dan Andi Prasetya


Host Rasamasa Taste Ideas Fall/Winter 2014 Crew

Petty Elliott, Batara Goempar Siagian, Putra Dendang, Budi Kurniawan, Nicholas Yudifar, Benny Samson, Dimas Aditya, Budi, Kamal, Ibonk, Raymond Tampubolon, Hendra Setiadji, Ony, Anto, Fredy, dan Andi Prasetya