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Latest Event


25 Jan 2016 to 05 Feb 2016

Ready to Eat Recipe Quiz

Rasamasa and Berry Kitchen is holding a quiz. Lucky winners will have FREE LUNCH WORKING FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK!


06 Feb 2016 to 06 Feb 2016

Organize Your Cooking Time

This time Rasamasa took Uda Dian Anugrah (IGrendangminang), Rendang Minang business owner get into the top 15 entrepreneurial Bank Indonesia West Sumatra. Uda Dian is one that is believed cooker serves Lung and Kalio Rendang Beef Tongue for the 6th President of Indonesia, Mr. SBY.


06 Nov 2015 to 22 Nov 2015

Feeling Full at JSFF 2015

I needed two days just to savor the food and feast my eyes on the various food at Jakarta Street Food Festival (JSFF) in 2015.


06 Nov 2015 to 22 Nov 2015

Trying Out New Tastes at JSFF 2015

My mom and I Often the make our own lunch. But it does not mean that we are against eating out. Jakarta Street Food Festival 2015 is a good excuse for me to eat out.


06 Nov 2015 to 22 Nov 2015

Jakarta Street Food Festival 2015

For Reviews those who want some time off from cooking at home, do visit Jakarta Street Food Festival 2015, at La Piazza, Mal Kelapa Gading.


18 Oct 2015 to 30 Oct 2015

Jalur Rempah: The Untold Story

Museum proudly presents Week Spice Strip, bringing back the lost and forgotten Often spice trails through an exhibition and cultural windows at the National Museum, Jakarta.


13 Oct 2015 to 13 Oct 2015

Making Pempek The Chef Way

What would it be like when a professional chef is asked to cook a dish using a recipe from home cook who learned things naturally?


19 Jun 2015 to 05 Jul 2015

Pasar Klewer Now in La Piazza, Kelapa Gading

The eyes are not the only ones feasted by the beauty of batik show in an event themed Ngenteni Open Ning Pasar Klewer at La Piazza, Kelapa Gading. The tastebud and stomach of visitors are Also fully satisfied by many Solo food stalls.