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Indonesia World Food Day 2016


28 Oct



30 Oct



Boyolali, Boyolali Sub-District, Boyolali Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

Indonesia World Food Day 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia will hold a 3-day exhibition to raise awareness of food security to the public at large. The aim is to ensure that each of us know how to manage the issue of food security and therefore contribute toward building a strong national food security.

For Rasamasa, one of the most interesting programs will be the competition on creating menu, which are participated by winners of the same competitions held locally at the provincial level. This program is run by the National Food Security Agent (Badan Ketahanan Pangan) in collaboration with the local PKK in all provinces. We would hope to be able to get our hands on these recipes once the program ends, so we can share them here at Rasamasa. So watch this space.

Apart from menu competition and demonstration, there will also be exhibition of technology innovation, and a Diplomatic Tour that invites foreign ambassadors from neighboring countries to visit various areas of agriculture around Boyolali.

For those who do not know Boyolali, let us introduce you to the place through its foods:

  • Fresh cows' milk is known to be Boyolali's best produce
  • Dodol susu sapi has a taste and texture that will make you want more because of the fresh cows' milk that is mixed to bind the glutinous rice flour and sugar. One box contains 8-10 dodol susu at Rp 7.000 to Rp 10.000 per box.
  • Jenang pecel is a pecel on rice porridge with spicy sambal kacang poured on top.
  • Nasi tumpang sambal lethok is called nasi tumpang because of the sambal lethok that sits (tumpang) on top of the rice. Sambal lethok is made of rotten tempeh, shallots, garlic, lesser galangal, chilies, Indonesian bay leaf, and kaffir lime leaf, cooked in coconut milk. If you want to buy instant, it costs around Rp 5.000 to Rp 10.000 per person.
  • Soto Boyolali is mostly bought from warung Soto Mbok Giyem, Soto Ndelik, and Soto Rumput. It is complemented by quail egg, bacem (tofu and tempeh cooked in coconut sugar), and skin cracker.
  • Iga sapi bakar combines Boyolali's tender meat and spices, a product of low-flame grilling until the spices are well absorbed. This food can be found along Jalan Merapi, Boyolali.
  • Abon lele is a catfish floss that only comes from a village in Sawit, Boyolali. Apart from being made into a floss, the catfish is also processed into crisps, made and sold from the same village.

President Joko Widodo will open the exhibition, whilst the program will close with a casual walk joined by people from Boyolali.

This exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries, Ministry of Forestry and Environment, Kemkoninfo, Provincial Government of Central Java, Regency of Boyolali, and Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nation (FAO-UN).

If you want to know more about this event and about Boyolali, please visit Pangan Boyolali.


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