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Senirasa Book Launch


28 Oct



28 Oct



Rondji Restaurant Ubud

Indonesian home cooking can seem basic yet complicated, so how can we capture all of its nuances in a recipe that tends to oversimplify things?

Rima Sjoekri, co-founder of Rasamasa, launches her first book Senirasa: A Companion to Indonesian Cooking during the Ubud Writers and Readers' Festival (UWRF) 2016Senirasa is one of the most complete reference works on Indonesian cooking ever to be compiled. This broad and profound insight into the flavors and aromas of Indonesian cuisine covers 105 spices, herbs, and seasonings from 17 orders and genera of plants are based on over 1000 home recipes from across the archipelago.

At the launch, she will talk about her personal journey in preparing the book, and what are covered in the book, ending with a session of Senirasa at-work using the family recipe of Don Antonio Blanco and Ni Rondji: Duck Sous Vide in Orange Sauce by the chef at Rondji Restaurant.

The event takes place in Rondji Restaurant, located at the top of one of Ubud's landmarks, the Blanco Renaissance Museum.

The book will be complemented with an online Q&A forum around cooking and eating, under the same name Senirasa.


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