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Canarium Nut Milk

  • Easy

Serve: 5 Glass

Creamy milk packed with the goodness of canarium nut


2 handful (250 gram) canarium nut, soaked overnight

5 glass (1 liter) water

2 tablespoon shredded coconut sugar

¾ teaspoon salt

1 piece cheese cloth


  1. Strain soaked canarium nut, rinse with water.
  2. Put canarium nut into a blender, pour in water slowly while it is being blended.
  3. Press canarium nut using a cheese cloth into a pot. Repeat until we get a clean milk.
  4. Add in sugar, and heat to remove its raw beany taste. Turn off heat. This step is optional if you don't like the raw beany taste in milk.
  5. Add in salt and try to get to the right taste. Place in a jug, and chill.
Dewi Subrata

Always curious when cooking, Dewi Subrata tries to replace almond with canarium nut (aka Java almond) to make Canarium Nut Milk. Don't throw away the leftover canarium nut because it can be used to make Canarium Nut Hummus and Canarium Nut Pesto, another recipes from Dewi. Dewi can be followed in her Instagram @dewisubrata. This Canarium Nut Milk is tested by Christiva Pawestri from Timurasa, at Dapur Rasamasa.


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