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Ikan Bilendango

  • Spicy
  • Low Cost

Serve: 5 Person

Bilendango fish dish is great when enjoyed with watercress stirfry

  • 1 medium giant trevally or king fish
  • Salt
  • 1 thumbsize turmeric, ground to a paste
  • 1 lime, squeeze to get its juice
  • 1 handful Thai basil
  • Banana leaf
  • 7 tablespoon cooking oil

Spice Paste

  • 8 shallots
  • 12 red bird's eye chilies
  • 2 tomatoes
  • Salt 

Bilendango fish is cooked using banana leaf as a base


  1. Rub salt, turmeric paste, lime juice all over fish until it is well covered. Set aside to remove the fishy smell.
  2. Place fish on banana leaf. Rub spice paste all over fish. Add Thai basil leaves on top.
  3. Heat oil on a pan. Place spiced fish along with its banana leaf as base, onto the pan.
  4. Cover pan, cook on low heat until fragrant and fish flesh changes color, without tipping over fish. 
  5. Remove from heat. Serve with fresh lalap.
Dapur Rasamasa

This recipe has been tested in Dapur Rasamasa (Rasamasa Kitchen)


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