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Markisa Yakult Smoothies

  • Easy
  • Low Cost
  • Quick

Serve: 2 Person

Healthy and fresh-tasting yoghurt and passion fruit concentrate

  • 100 gram plain yoghurt
  • 2 bottles (130 ml) Yakult
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 250 gram ice cubes
  • ½ glass (100 ml) passion fruit syrup

Healthy and fresh drink made of yoghurt, Yakult and the passion fruit concentrate in a syrup


  1. Put yoghurt, Yakult, water and ice cubes into a blender, blend quickly.
  2. Pour passion fruit syrup into two glasses, pour in blended smoothies.
  3. Markisa Yakult Smoothies is ready to be served.
Sirup Markisa GK

Sirup Markisa GK uses selected fruits from passion fruit plantation on higher plains of Berastagi, North Sumatra. Using the flesh of these passion fruits, we extract the essence and add white sugar before bottling it as an all natural passion fruit syrup labeled as Sirup Markisa GK. The company, Sirup Markisa GK, has been established since 30 years ago. To ensure that our passion fruits are highly aromatic as well as rich in vitamin A and C, we work together with the local plantations in Berastagi. This recipe has been tested in Sirup Markisa GK’s own kitchen.


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