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Nani Arsik

  • Spicy

Serve: 5 Person

Fish slow cooked in various blend of aromatic spices until it's reduced (arsik)


5 small common carp fish (1 fish per person), rubbed with lime squeeze

1 lime

½ bunch long bean, cut to match fish length

½ bunch (10) chives, cleaned

torch ginger flower, cut lengthwise into four parts

5 lemongrass, pound its fleshy part, cut its leafy part and set aside

1 piece asam cekala, pounded and seeded

1 piece asam gelugur

7 glasses (1.4 liter) water


Spice paste

150 gram yellow spice base

50 gram schezuan pepper, remove its twigs

50 gram red bird's eye chilies

15 candlenuts

1 tablespoon salt

Nani arsik needs to be slow-cooked twice until its water is reduced, the bones become tender, and the spice blend is well infused.


  1. Rub part of spice paste all over fish, and fill remaining part into its stomach. Set aside.
  2. Line a large pan with the leafy part of lemongrass. Place fish, long bean and chives on top of them.
  3. Pour water and cook until the water is reduced to a glass.
  4. Turn heat off, leave overnight.
  5. Add water and salt, cook again until water is reduced again to a glass. Turn heat off, and remove.

This Nani Arsik recipe has been tested by Ema Isti for Rasamasa at the Rasamasa Test Kitchen. Emma Isti is someone who likes to try out food especially Indonesian cooking, and also likes to travel. At university, she is trained in the field of agriculture as well as gastronomy.


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