Sirup Markisa GK White Label

Rp. 32.000

Sirup Markisa GK uses selected fruits from passion fruit plantation on higher plains of Berastagi, North Sumatra. Using the flesh of these passion fruits, we extract the essence and add white sugar before bottling it as an all natural passion fruit syrup labeled as Sirup Markisa GK. It is quality at an affordable price.

Sirup Markisa White Label comes  in 1 packsize, Sirup Markisa GK White Label 650 ml.


The price listed here is indicated retail price only for Sirup Markisa GK Black Label 1000 ml SKU. Price may vary from one outlet to the other.


Your nearest Alfamidi, Alfamart, Carrefour, Giant, Griya, Hari-Hari, Hero, Superindo, Tip Top, Total, and The Food Hall.

After use, wipe the bottle clean with wet cloth to ensure that there is no syrup drips on the bottle, to avoid ants.

For product that cannot be purchased from any retail outlets, please contact us through @Line Rasamasa or +62 812 9499 0349 (WhatsApp).


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