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How Arfi Binsted, a young mother who lived with the family on a farm in New Zealand make tempeh own?

Like tempeh?

I really like tempeh. Kiwi original husband likes. Moreover, my children.

Easy to get tempeh in New Zealand?

Looking for tempeh in Kiwi land, like looking for a needle in a haystack. It's so rare, and can be impossible. Tempe too expensive, the board tempeh $ 6.20 (USD 60 678)!

When was the first time for tempeh?

Year 2008.

Have a memory of tempeh?

SD time, I often helped deceased grandmother tempeh wrap with banana leaves or leaf teak. Grandma likes to use teak leaves as wrappers tempeh. When the leaves begin to rare teak, Grandma use banana leaves, never use plastic.

Tempe Arfi wear artificial banana leaves or?

Banana leaves are rare here, I wear a plastic ziplock bag as tempeh wrap.

The Result?

Our whole family can enjoy with tempeh tempeh chili handmade itself is no less delicious with homemade tempeh Grandma.