7 Bagian Daging Kambing Dan Masakannya

Meat has, most comfortable for all kinds of cuisines, as soft and quick cooking. However, it is expensive, it is necessary to select a strategy to seperlu desired cuisine.

As a mediocre cook, I often forget to rely on logic while in the kitchen. In fact, it would be helpful so that no excessive spending.

In choosing meat, for example, my logic is simple. Meat on the body part most moving, muscles definitely harder than the other parts, so it will be a long soft when cooked. That is, the meat in the legs tougher and longer empuknya, than meat has in.

Certainly good use of meat has but if followed, might I turn into a vegetarian at the old date. Therefore, the price is more expensive than other meats. For that, we need to know the tricks for choosing the right meat dishes will be made.

Before Lebaran this pilgrimage, I take the example of mutton to test my logic. Let's see, parts of which can be selected according to the desired cooking.

1 Meat has in is that terempuk of all parts. This meat matures quickly, so it is suitable for a variety of dishes, from stir until toasted. So good for grilled or baked for those who like satai goat with big meat without fat. The pieces can be rather large so if burned, meat juices are still trapped inside, but outside it does not scorch. Better to cook with meat goat satai this on the young because the price is expensive.

Meat has 2 outside besides suitable disatai, also fitting for direndang. Select pieces rendang rather large square, in order to remain soft and not destroyed because it will be cooked for a long time.

3 Meat pelvis, rather soft, suitable for curry goat. Choose a piece of meat that is a medium-sized square because've had to cook meat before milk rupture. If suitable for goulash, is also suitable for tongseng that cooking is digulai before mixed to stir cabbage and tomatoes. In addition to tender, the meat is supposedly not prengus and have less fat, making it suitable also for those who love the goat satai little fat. Pieces for satai square should be small so that when baked in the embers inside quickly cook before charred exterior.

4 also padded shoulder meat, but the meat tends to thin, so it is suitable for dishes with small pieces of meat and sauteed disatai as fried rice.

The third section (beef tenderloin, pelvis, and shoulder) suitable for fried goat. Quickly fried meat with a little oil, then add the rice and other content.

5 is a bone ribs, but among them sticking tender meat cooked as a soup suitable ribs or grilled ribs. Boil ribs soup over medium to generate broth, so that the meat does not fall apart when cooked a little longer.

6 The front legs a little meat and too muscular, so including the toughest. It takes very long to become tender. Meat forefoot fit for disup, especially soups leg of lamb, which needs to be boiled at the same time to produce the broth. In addition to soups, meat stews only suitable for goat meat is sliced ​​and cooked a long time over low heat.

7 hind legs or Beef shank, like front legs, just more fleshy. Suitable for cooked into a stew of mutton than the front legs. If using this section together with bones for in curry, cooked with coconut milk used to dilute until tender, new terakhirditambah thick coconut milk.

Just remember the main principles: the closer gets leg, meat tends to be more muscular, then tough.

In order quickly tender meat, can be tricked by the size of the pieces in the recipe. Satai and fried rice into small pieces and lightly cooked enough, while stews larger pieces of satai but long cooking over low heat.

Hopefully my logic is useful, in case you miss goat ration cuts in this year's Eid al-Adha.

Happy Holidays Iduladha 1435 H!