Air Untuk Masak Sehat


My family and passable consume bottled water pretty much. Month, we could spend 20 gallon more for the house contains 9 people. Mean, I myself may spend 2 gallons own each month. Not to drink, but for cooking and kitchen activities.

Everything stew definitely gallons of water use. Cook rice in a rice cooker also use bottled water. If you want to prepare coconut milk, coconut scars also need to be prepared with gallons of water. In addition to the boil and cook the rice, fresh vegetables raw vegetables also washed with water gallons. Anyway, whatever is eaten raw such as fresh fruit, should be washed at least with boiled water.

One way of cooking which I think is still safe to use tap water is steamed. The Reason? Cook with this evaporation process, the bacteria die but heavy metals in tap water vapor lifted together, so I'm safe dish on top.

Maybe it sounded exaggerated, but stay in the city center of Jakarta, I know that the source of water (tap water) at home is definitely not safe for cooking. Bacteria might be death by boiling, but I could not shake the shadow of heavy metals in the water that continues to be carried up into my rice. When I think about my own health after all this, the better I was looking for a safe way.