Aksara Bermakna

Literacy becomes meaningful if arranged into a word or sentence. Food also be able to understand the story because there is a significant collection of letters with him.

Never know dong or perhaps ever stop by the bookstore script. If entered, in addition there are books, there is a café - makanannya- also (I like to stop by the in Kemang, unfortunately closed already) In the Pacific, Andre Hirata another. He opened the museum in the village said Gantong.

Well, if you go in there also warkop kupi porters there. Strong had thought I, certainly relationship script and the food, close presence. Natural thought I was drifting into Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar the king of his era. King this worldwide solidifying power and influence kewilayah colonies to train smart people choices by providing food from the royal kitchen and dining teach procedures and Babylonian script. Remember the story of Daniel dong, Daniel and his friends not only eat food king, they also changed the name of the Babylonian script. Daniel called by the name Belteshazzar there.

Examples in the modern era, the kingdom of Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth's kingdom have, an impact for the global world. Again, aksara- England-and the culture of eating through serimonial tea so the media affect colonies, namely Malaysia or Singapore, our two neighboring countries. How to Rasamasa? Mission Rasamasa really want to maintain while continuing Indonesian recipes from generation to generation, not only in Indonesia but global land. Sure, the characters have an important force for this mission, is not it?

Recognizing that, a few weeks ago with Rima Sjoekri and Nurmalita, we chatted about recipes Indonesian name and how it is applied to Rasamasa. Inevitably Indonesia that has local cooking methods, such as mendoan, Balado, or cook dibuluh (bamboo), and many more. The issue came, when we try to uncover the meanings he said. What word means a cooking method will be placed before the name of the food or vice versa? When referring to a book Mustika Rasa, both used, laying meaningful word after the method of cooking food or otherwise. Furthermore, the agreement was written in order to have a handle to the passing of recipes worth this generation.

It was inconceivable in the context that there is still compatriots who are illiterate Indonesia. Script meaningful a method of cooking that can be sterile. The wealth of culinary Indonesia was not impossible to be increasingly eroded from the kitchen itself. I for instance, the Batak indeed, but illiterate vagabond.

The result? Literature culture of eating and food beraksara Hobo (similar hruf Arab Halak) as a dark alley for me today. Hobo dumb scripts without meaning for me. Crowding because illiteracy is, a little relieved, because the road leading to the 7 already roomy. Priority Indonesia Pintar plan was unstoppable again.

Hopefully you lead His wisdom, Jokowi-JK to select the Minister of Education who has unyielding hope to complete the illiterate country boy who said the Ministry of Education and Culture (September 16 2012) alone, the number of illiterates in Indonesia are still 6.7 million people!