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Archive: April 2014

Cooking Abroad

Living in South Korea is not as beautiful as imagined. Affairs of the stomach could be a problem, but I and friends seperantauan not give up so easily.

Recipe Stories

Cooking dumplings obtained from subsequent beloved sister deliciousness to the beloved grandchildren. Not only that, homemade vegetable acids also up to the neighbors while keeping…

Dine With

Since little was introduced with herbs and traditional food. These childhood experiences enrich the culinary and herbal archipelago a Serad Santhi.

Recipe Stories

Pastel cap is meaningful holiday dish for me and sister, because her presence should be awaited first. Arrived long holiday or Christmas and new family event can dicecap tongue…


At home, I most like to remind to use bottled water for all dishes made from water. It is expensive, but instead of pain.

Cooking Abroad

One day, after work, my husband asked Indonesia to make a dish potluck event in his office. Coworkers who have never tasted Indonesian cuisine is very curious. As soon as I made…


As a child, one song that I sing is often the Rainbow. It felt before kindergarten else I've been able to track it, whoever taught. Without realizing it, the song turned out to…

Dine With

It's interesting field that they do. More interestingly, when a man is asked about the mainstay of home cooking, homemade dumplings he returned to the in-laws