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Archive: June 2014


Since graduating from high school, I had already left home to study in Yogyakarta. Mother sobs when removing the departure of her youngest child, I value too much.


Fasting Rasamasa cooking show | Cooking Sahur 10-Minute Kitchen Jo, today Monday, May 19th and impressed nyolong start because fasting is still a month away. But there's nothing…

Dine With

Indonesian BMX athletes, Tony Syarifudin, believe that foods supporting achievement. There is an Indonesian food that always he missed while away from home.


Speaking of bananas, I remembered the story of a friend at the old office. "Make it, I dapet by-by banana loads from my sister, until confused about diapain so do not rot. Finally,…

Recipe Stories

More precisely, first create green Tapai pudding because there are tasks Catering in junior high, where all the students have to make a pudding. Be my hunt for recipes in cookbooks…

Cooking Abroad

The first order that came was bakwan corn with chili paste. Duh, right spirit wants nyolek, but we hold ourselves. Bakwan corn photographed first, then eaten.


Vesak (in Sanskrit called vaishaka), Buddhist holy day which is also known as Buddha's Day, is the name of one calendar month in ancient India. Talk ancient-fashioned, on this…

Dine With

Name Amir Syarif Siregar as a movie blogger is not in doubt. Men born in Medan who originally aspired to become a diplomat has long had an interest in writing and film. Began his…

Recipe Stories

As I recall, when making this vegetable, mama and Biyung always stand shoulder to shoulder-belt bonded lemongrass cut into very thin circular pieces. Cut serainya alone could from…