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Archive: September 2014

Cooking Abroad

I struggle to get a typical Indonesian food ingredients so winding. I also realize that this tongue can not get away from Indonesia.

Recipe Stories

Name is prayer, so the saying goes. Similarly, the name of the bride salad. This salad is identical to the wedding ceremony and the bride. Since when did you learn to make this…


The food has a role more than just for filling the stomach. In fact, a favorite dish as a child can continue to stick in the memory, like a magic that is not easy to forget ...…

Dine With

The story of the Batavia shipwreck in his native land brought Aidan Broderick came to Jakarta. His passion for coffee making moved popularize Indonesian coffee.


Scout's child, as long as proficient in making various kinds of nodes in the pocket book, certainly can make a variety of useful tools.

Recipe Stories

Why mushrooms? Because I love mushrooms. I like all kinds of mushrooms, ranging from portobello, oyster mushrooms, enoki, shiitake or button mushrooms as that used to make pizza.


Lebaran is already over, but the variety of food in the house is still a lot and arranged neatly on tables, in fact some are stored in the room. If you look at the amount of food…