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Archive: November 2014

Recipe Stories

Pumpkin were plentiful in Manado that my grandma would add it into many of her cooking from clear soup, Manado porridge (Tinutuan, Bubur Manado) to Lodeh.

Recipe Stories

When in Jakarta I mi big fan of kale, spinach noodles when Questioning express homemade recipe to Rasamasa. Mary did so more love and appreciate the cuisine of Indonesia after…

Cooking Abroad

Not unexpectedly, the term fried rice and fried noodles was already very well known in Germany. In the first week of my stay in Germany, the host family took me to eat at the Asian…

Recipe Stories

Beer pletok okay bears the name of the beer. But make no mistake, this name has nothing to do with alcohol.

Dine With

Lutfi Hasan, owner Jakarta Vintage Showroom, like everything that is vintage, including laksa. Behind laugh off, Lutfi Hasan save a myriad of science, ranging from communication,…


Fancy, meeting Petty Elliott last March after years of doing our own things. By September, we were cooking up Rasamasa Taste Ideas featuring recipes by Petty, for our friends abroad.


Once upon a time, Pharaoh was immediately appointed former prisoners and give wider powers that food security is guaranteed in Egypt, before the famine arrived. Running text on…


Story from a different perspective is interesting me to reflect on my own life. Later I will also feel the emotions experienced by my mother.