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Archive: December 2014

Cooking Abroad

Togetherness me in the kitchen with the children into special moment to learn and also reopen memories of the homeland through Indonesian cuisine.

Dine With

Incessant invasion of fast food makes Indonesian foods become less popular among children. Through the application Rabbithole, Devi Raissa want foster interest in reading as well…


Impressions cooking show on television is already caught my attention long ago. That first comes to mind was, "I think yes if so exciting shooting crew, food is definitely…


When my elementary school (SD) cooking lessons into the curriculum skills, alternating with sewing, and crafts. Now, it turns out that most remembered when taught to make the setup…

Dine With

Petty Elliott has longing memories of being raised in a Manadonese kitchen, yet she is willing to allow modern cooking in to her old family recipes.


It turns out that chili is not always synonymous with fine spices. The proof matah delicious sauce, only need to be chopped.

Recipe Stories

Duck meat can be regarded as having the level of workmanship quite difficult. If it is not true in the processing, the duck will feel tough or fishy. But for families Zahmerti…