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Author: Arfi Binsted

Cooking Abroad

The price of snapper that skyrocketed did not turn me off from making pempek. Its taste still good without snapper, as long as you know how to prepare the pempek.

Cooking Abroad

Aroma itu pernah akrab dengan saya, namun belum pernah saya baui dan cicipi lagi selama 11 tahun lebih tinggal di Selandia Baru. This can’t be true, it can’t be durian, kata…

Cooking Abroad

Membuat penganan yang satu ini butuh kegigihan luar biasa. Tapi, mencicipi hasilnya membuat kerinduan saya terobati dan pengetahuan anak-anak tentang Indonesia semakin bertambah.

Cooking Abroad

I don't know why, there has always been something enticing about the scent of the kue semprit from my grandmother’s recipe, though the ingredients she used were certainly not…

Cooking Abroad

I will never forget my aunt bringing a big bowl of Malbi, a stew replete with Palembang spices, along with several packs of steamed rice cakes. This was a family tradition.

Cooking Abroad

Rawon, an East Javanese dish, hardly appears in my kitchen, considering the rarity of keluak in New Zealand. When keluak is finally here, I couldn't waste this luxury.