Cooking Abroad

Ayam Goreng Bumbu Di Jerman


I decided to cook some food that I like. Apparently, my cooking results favored my host family.

Aupair program held in cooperation between the governments of Germany and Indonesia, gave me the opportunity to stay in Germany for a year. There, I stayed in a family or host family and could follow the German language courses. I can also pocket money per month, which is quite to the streets to explore Europe. Instead, I was on duty so the biggest brother for children in a family, to maintain and keep them playing.

A year in Germany, I would often miss the cuisine of the country. Incidentally, my family here interested in tasting the cuisine of Indonesia, so I decided to cook some food that I miss: cap cay, fried chicken, and beef stew.

Cook Indonesian food in Germany is not easy, but not impossible. The biggest challenge is the availability of materials, moreover I live in a small town. Grocery stores that provide complete Asia, mostly located in large cities.

While specialty grocery stores Indonesia is not as much as in other countries, like the Netherlands, for example.

Before shopping, first of all I wrote down the ingredients needed in German, in order to more easily find it. For materials such as meat, onion, or cabbage leaves, does not necessarily translate as easily found here. As for other materials, I use Google translate application as an aid to translate these foods. Funny thing is, not all of the appropriate translation, causing misunderstanding between me and the family here. Finally, we have to check again to find pictures of food. For example, sapodilla fruit translates to "Senf" in German. In fact, if "Senf" translated into Indonesian, the result is a mustard sauce.

There are ingredients that I can not find in my town, even after visiting a shop selling Asian ingredients. For example, hazelnut, bay leaves, and shrimp paste. After calling Mom, I get rid of it because the ingredients according to taste remains good mother.

When making stews, I use ketchup brand Ketjap Indonesia, which I found in Asian grocery stores. Ketchup that I select for anonymous Indonesia, when in fact I want to wear a brand that clearly exist in Indonesia, such as Bango or ABC.

The fried chicken is the only pure cuisine with instant seasoning me if I had brought from Indonesia.

Way of cooking is very easy as listed on the wrapper. First, I boil 1 kg of chicken with spices instant with a small flame. Chicken will be so tender and the flavors mingle up into. Once the water runs out, let sit for a moment as he prepared pan of cooking oil. Once the oil is hot, fry my chicken.

Considering this is the first time I cook myself to eat a lot of people, I was nervous. What if my food does not taste good? But apparently my family here like, especially chicken gorengnya.Mereka even asked me to cook fried chicken else at a later time. In my opinion, this fried chicken dish so special because the marinade penetrate into the meat. In contrast to how to cook chicken here, which is usually baked or grilled. Spiced just the outside only, so that the inside is no taste. From this experience, I always told the friends who want to go abroad, do not forget to bring instant seasoning fried chicken! Because the chicken must exist in almost all countries. Cook fried chicken was also very simple and easy. So, all can make it!