Banana Atau Plantain?


Speaking of bananas, I remembered the story of a friend at the old office. "Make it, I dapet by-by bananas many really of sister I, until confused about diapain that not rotten. Finally, I pasrahin wrote to the ya at home, eh even dikolak him, duh ..

"Ever hear similar stories like this?

Some people may be no one yet knows. Bananas it turned out to be distinguished based on how to eat them. Grouped into two categories, namely banana (banana counter-ed) and plantain (banana if-ed) .

Banana, or also known as banana banana table is more often consumed in fresh form, after ripe fruit, directly chewed. For example, bananas, milk banana, plantain, and Sunpride. Meanwhile, Plantain or if the bananas are consumed after the bananas fried, boiled, baked, dikolak, or cooked with other processing techniques. For example, kepok banana, banana Siamese, bananas, cotton, bananas horn, and bananas uli. (Guzman, 2007)

Could be, my old friend last office, hoping banana ambonnya made banana smoothies for her, or made cake than cooked bananas into compote. If dikolak results would be mushy and not pretty color. Banana is not the kind of banana if it is class banana, which is ready to be eaten immediately. It's possible, my office mates it hopes too high on his new maid who was coming in two weeks from the village and still ABG (New Children Gede) anyway.

If a souvenir of my friend's sister was one of them is the plantain as of Sunpride. I will immediately advise him to be processed into timpan only. you imagine, sweet flesh, reddish yellow, soft textured, and no seeds anyway. When it comes to prescription timpan really. Timpan it suitable as an afternoon tea in the afternoon.