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Bebek Lado Hijau


Duck meat can be regarded as having the level of workmanship quite difficult. If it is not true in the processing, it will feel a lot of duck meat or fish. But for Zahmerti Ezaddin, duck an everyday meal. Consider the secret key duck meat processing.

Lado was actually a cooking technique or there is a certain sense?

Lado it Minang language for chili. Balado is equal to berlado. Lado or Balado actually can be also cooking techniques, namely that a lot of cooking with chili and spicy.

This green lado duck recipe, whether derived from the family or with their own learning?

In the past, this green lado duck is cooking mandatory for big events or social gathering at home. I come from a small village called Koto Tower, located about 5km from Bukittinggi. I compatriot with Haji Agus Salim. So this dish is cooking hereditary. However, my mother did not specifically teach me. So, this is based on experience helping Mom in the kitchen. I myself come from a family besardan we only have one helper. Inevitably we have become accustomed in the kitchen since childhood.

Is this recipe should always be made ​​with duck as the main ingredient?

Does not always have to duck, it could be a chicken or other poultry, but it seems to be not segurih duck. Duck green lado also usually referred to curry Itiak.

Ducks usually have special handling than other birds, is there any tips and tricks to manage the duck?

That must be considered is the duck feathers. When skinning, make sure the feathers plucked clean. I usually flush snippets that still berbuludengan hot water, new feathered. Thereafter, briefly roasted duck with charcoal. Wait until the oil dripping from the duck. This oil is usually smells fishy. After baking, usually turns black duck. To remove scars grill, clean it with rice flour smeared into a duck.

In the recipe used green chili, not chili, how to get a spicy flavor without the use of cayenne pepper?

Choose a dry curly green chili. Do not wear big green chili because it contains water. If still not spicy, use pepper. In addition to chili, an essential ingredient in this recipe is the onion and turmeric leaves because it can reduce unpleasant aroma in poultry. Onions and turmeric leaf also has a fragrant aroma that makes delicious dishes. The cuisine is more or less smell, if the savory aroma, most likely savory dishes.