Cooking Abroad

Berburu Tempe Dan Cumi Di Inggris


I struggle to get a typical Indonesian food ingredients so winding. I also realize that this tongue can not get away from Indonesia ...

Last February, I moved to Cranfield, a small town in England, precisely in the north of the city of London. The city is like the countryside, surrounded by fields and large farms. It is suitable for students who need peace in the study, as my husband is taking Doctoral Program.

When departing, I'm pregnant 34 weeks. The plan did want to give birth in the UK and eventually I gave birth at week 37. As new mothers who are breastfeeding, of course I need adequate nutrition for breastfeeding your baby. In Indonesia, nursing mothers are usually advised to consume cinnamon leaf so that her breast milk smoothly.

However, because here there are no cinnamon leaf, I replaced premises nb chicken and kale.

Every Saturday I used to shopping for cooking during the week ahead. What I like, here the market is clean and neat. Vegetables and fruits are sold very fresh and varied. I think I want to buy everything!

Besides cooking, every weekend we tried a few places to eat around. However, we have yet to find one of our favorite foods, tempeh, which is that here is called tempeh. Indonesian food is very tasty, nutritious, and good to improve the quality of breast milk. The problem is, it is very difficult to find tempeh in Cranfield, a small town. Unlike in London, which may be easier to find tempeh. Some Asian store I visited did not sell tempeh, although according to the seller many Indonesian citizens are asking the same thing.

After asking a few friends, I finally can tempeh in an Asian shop named Fushion O, in Bedford, about 30 minutes from our place. The price is more expensive than in Indonesia, which is about 3 GBP (Great Britain Pounds Sterling) per 400 grams, or about Rp.60.000.

Tempe is a luxury food here, even minced beef alone costs only 2 GBP per 500 grams! T

empe we buy produced in Belgium, but it was almost the same as in Indonesian tempeh. At least, we can treat feeling nostalgic in Tempe!

In this store we also find squid. Incidentally, we are also being missed seafood seasoning with typical Indonesian processed exactly as seafood are often sold at roadside tent. The price is slightly cheaper than tempeh, which is £ 2.49 per 450 grams.

After the main ingredient obtained, my husband and I decided to cook green chilli squid. Other materials are not too hard to come by, do not forget also added soy sauce as a complement fried tempeh.

Although much of Indonesia, it turns our tongue still can not get away from the homeland. For us, the cuisine of Indonesia still has a taste that is more attractive than the original English cuisine.