Berdendang Soal Makanan


As a child, one song that I sing is often the Rainbow. It felt before kindergarten else I've been able to track it, whoever taught. Without realizing it, the song turned out to instill the value of nature and its creator to me. In not, anyway!

In terms of food, of course, all know rice corn. Corn rice is becoming known in the 1960s at the instigation of the government to use corn and reduce the consumption of rice because rice is hard to come by. Without social media or other mass media, how the government can deliver this message?


Farmers Cooperative Bank and Nelajan (BKTN), now the Ministry of Agriculture, no wits. Again, the song had a role in it teaches us something, this time to eat. With orchestra accompaniment BKTN, they released the album Gemah Ripah (1964) to provide the community spirit through song Bertjotjok Mars Plant , Songs Djagung (Oslan Hussein), Nelajan (Surti Kelvin & Sjaiful Nawas), Rice Djagung (Sjaiful Nawas), accompanied by the orchestra BKTN . Surti is seriosa singer at that time. Some of the song taken from the album Oslan previous Hussein, Hanja There Dagoan Month One (1958).

The songs are solid contains about food: Ice Mambo , Eid , Know Tempe , Plate of Rice , Clothing Food , boiled cassava , rice Djagung . A plate of rice, for example, also recommends to eat in moderation "... despite abundant cuisine, a plate of rice is enough already." After that time passed, a song about the food continues to pop songs. Project P never sang Fried Rice Goat . Until Cassava Chips was sung by Leonie and Laila Sari. Anyway, listen dendangannya alone can make us hungry.

Well, in the framework of the national music, our web assistant, Dina Novita Roes, choose recipes-song playlist of all ages that we think the most hits:

  1. Getuk lindri tune getuk sung by Didi Kempot, but the creation Manthous
  2. Corn Mix rice accompanied by the song Rice Djagung by Sjaiful Nawas and Orchestra BKTN
  3. Tofu and Tempe Bacem tune Know Tempe by Oslan Hussein
  4. Nasi Liwet Solo tune Sepiring Nasi by Oslan Husein
  5. Tempe Mendoan and Fried Banana tune Abang Fried by Nunung CS, is he the most hits!

Happy day of music, singing survived while cooking!