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Bisa Masak Itu Keren!


Name Amir Syarif Siregar as a movie blogger is not in doubt. Men born in Medan who originally aspired to become a diplomat has long had an interest in writing and film. Began his career as a journalist, Amir established itself as a film critic. Since 2011, he even made it into the ranks of the Online Film Critics Society, a group of the world's largest film critic based in the United States.

What are you busy today?

I just finished a jury in a short film festival and getting ready to start a new job.

Speaking of films related to the world of cooking. Where the film's most memorable and the most memorable?

Hmmm .... seems Ratatouille most memorable. Even animated films, his description of the food real impressed. In addition, the film also deals with the world of writing criticism.

If the most memorable for me was the No Reservations. You see, the food is less exposed, more to the problem romance alone. I also love the movie Julie and Julia. It's just, the film is less focused on food, although interesting also see Julia effort in understanding food.

What can you cook?

When cooked to be eaten alone, can. But when it comes to taste the cooking including home-I can not. It was, I do not deserve cuisine to display or sampled person. Need more effort for me to show off and make people taste my cooking.

I'd love to be able to cook. However, until now there is no chance that I can make more proficient cook. The ability to cook it one of the coolest capabilities. Of the foodstuff can dikreasikan a variety of menus, it seems fun. I often see my Instagram friends who like to cook. Than just eggs and bread, he could make another dish. Initially, I thought it looked disgusting. But if my friend could eat it, of course, delicious.

Is there a special dish in your family?

Sure there is. Mother and my brothers even good at cooking. There is one recipe that is always served in a family every time there is a big day or celebration, namely arsik. I myself do not particularly like arsik. I think it's slimy fish despite being washed repeatedly. But arsik was indeed his favorite people, even every time a friend visiting Medan, they definitely ask accompanied eat arsik. I who do not like arsik think, "Duh, many other foods, do not arsik continue.".

If you do not like fish, how the pastries typical North Sumatra?

Now, if all kinds of cakes, I love. I tend to like sweet things. In the family, there is the favorite snacks, namely cake ombus ombus. So called because the cake is commonly eaten hot-hot and blown-aspirated [blown-inflatable, ed.] So that is not too hot in the mouth. Cake made from rice flour, brown sugar, and coconut.