Buah Untuk Puasa


This morning my last meal menu, rice with stir corned beef, and as always ended with papaya and watermelon. According to the tips of Sunpride fruits are very appropriate to eat in the month of fasting.

From childhood until now, I have always tried various tactics to eat when bersahur. There are tactics to drink tea before ending with water, so that the sour taste of tea can be rinsed with water. Or trying to eat soup was not too hungry so the next day. This year, others again, there are watermelon and papaya in our dining table at dawn. I do not know for what exactly, until I read the benefits of these fruits during fasting, in Sunpride .

Of the texture we know that papaya is easily digested. Moreover, this fruit prevents dry skin during the fasting month as vitamins A, C, E and B-complex contains.

Another with a watermelon . So many stores water, fruit provides a good supply of water reserves in the daytime fasting that does not seem excessive thirst. In order not to get bored, watermelon can be replaced with grapes, pears, and apples are also high in water content.

For more specific needs, in addition to storing high water content, apple skin also contains antioxidants that can boost immunity. Not to mention the high fiber and low fat makes us satiety, for those who do not want to overeat.

As an energy source, a wine suitable for reducing tiredness in during fasting because of busy daily. In addition, the fiber also can prevent free radicals from air pollution due to vitamin A, C, E and iron it contains.

Bananas are also a good fruit to be consumed in the month of fasting. Why? High potassium can coat the intestinal wall so it is not inflamed.

Speaking of energy, solid palm with natural sugar is a good source of energy to replace the energy wasted during fasting.

Glad also after knowing this. Means, tomorrow, tomorrow I do not need to be stuck with papaya and watermelon alone for a whole month of fasting.