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Stories: Cooking Abroad

Cooking Abroad

Living far from her country, there is one cravings that Wahyuni Karurukan can't deny. It's the craving for the taste of food at home especially, snacks from the side of the street…

Cooking Abroad

When I was still living in Indonesia, something still feels missing when I haven't eaten bakso. It's not a surprise that this would be missed the most when living abroad.

Cooking Abroad

My European friends are always surprised when they hear that we eat rice three times a day, including breakfast. For them, rice is a little too heavy for mornings.

Cooking Abroad

Generate Indonesian cuisine with a taste almost identical during the stay abroad, it takes a lot of experimentation.

Cooking Abroad

Togetherness me in the kitchen with the children into special moment to learn and also reopen memories of the homeland through Indonesian cuisine.

Cooking Abroad

Not unexpectedly, the term fried rice and fried noodles was already very well known in Germany. In the first week of my stay in Germany, the host family took me to eat at the Asian…

Cooking Abroad

How to eat has become a part of socialization in life. On the dining table, the business talk, knitting love, exchanging stories with the family, as well as stay in touch with…

Cooking Abroad

I struggle to get a typical Indonesian food ingredients so winding. I also realize that this tongue can not get away from Indonesia.