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Stories: Cooking Abroad

Cooking Abroad

I decided to cook some food that I like. Apparently, my cooking results favored my host family.

Cooking Abroad

Very easy to find meatball across the country. But, on the other really shoreline story ...

Cooking Abroad

Warm and simple, that's the impression that I captured while Yuli Utami know. Four years living in Europe without the help of an assistant households did not dampen the spirit…

Cooking Abroad

The first order that came was bakwan corn with chili paste. Duh, right spirit wants nyolek, but we hold ourselves. Bakwan corn photographed first, then eaten.

Cooking Abroad

Travel to the Netherlands gave me a unique experience, which serves Indonesian cuisine to the host. It turns out to gain praise.

Cooking Abroad

Living in South Korea is not as beautiful as imagined. Affairs of the stomach could be a problem, but I and friends seperantauan not give up so easily.

Cooking Abroad

One day, after work, my husband asked Indonesia to make a dish potluck event in his office. Coworkers who have never tasted Indonesian cuisine is very curious. As soon as I made…