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Cincau Hijau Tradisi Keluarga


Green grass jelly are often found in roadside traders have turned out easily made. Ira Susanti talking about artificial green grass jelly family to Rasamasa.

Can you tell us about the origin of the creation of this green grass jelly?

At my grandparents house there is a tree grass jelly. In the past, my mother taught grandparent to make the drink green grass jelly. This is not because I am a creative family, but for reasons to save. Understandably, my family was working as a civil servant whose salary is not how. Coincidentally my aunt also plant trees grass jelly. Thus, each of our aunts house to order a plastic bag deh leaf grass jelly.

If you see leaves of grass jelly dong that is what your mind?

Want to stock picking in the house, so I can make a lot of green grass jelly at any time.

If you see green grass jelly traders, usually you will remember what?

Usually when in the restaurant there is a choice between green grass jelly or black grass jelly. And if you see green grass jelly certainly remember my mother. There is a fresh feeling both literally and emotionally.

What a nice grass jelly leaf traits?

The leaves are used to make green grass jelly should be thin and limp. When the leaves are thick and rigid, somewhat bitter taste. Note also the base of the leaf, must be notched, wide middle section, and tapered with a length between 5 and 10 cm. Make sure the edges of the lower surface of the leaves choppy and downy leaves. The upper surface of the leaves should be rare hairy and rough to the touch. Pick the color green, but do not be too old.

Never fails in making this green grass jelly?

Of course once. Normally, if too much water is used, grass jelly juice will not harden and become jelly. If it fails just be water alone.

Usually served when at home?

Whenever, due to the nature of sweet grass jelly served suitable for all situations. So I want to keep inventory grass jelly leaves a lot to be made at any time. Grass jelly is also durable when stored in the refrigerator, at least he would only melt if too long.

What is still often make this green grass jelly?

No, because I work. My mother makes, sometimes I just helped squeeze the leaves cincaunya only. Pity that the mother should be wringing leaves grass jelly again. Part squeeze also usually part of the longest and most important in making this green grass jelly.

Grass jelly thought to make it as a business?

Until now does not. Let's become a family tradition that means alone. If it's a business problem, traders are selling grass jelly. Sekalian help the economy. But sometimes it does occur if purchased at the brother-brother merchants grass jelly, sometimes some doubt with the water used. Water, boiled water or not, we do not know. However, so far still safe.

Are children at home has been introduced green grass jelly how to make this a family tradition?

Not yet, maybe later when they are a little big. My kids are toddlers today

Is this ever green grass jelly to serve others? What is their reaction?

Very often. Comments are obtained always positive, they always say the green grass jelly is delicious. Either because diiming lure with "homemade these tablets" or not. Because if homemade is always synonymous with taste better.