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Gaya Makan Sang Karateka


Characterized by a busy daily practice, however Password Wirawan never forget to keep his diet. What the hell is the favorite food of this national karate athletes?

Starting from idle since childhood often invited his father to practice karate, Wirawan Password eventually becomes interested in Japanese martial arts is. No kidding, he has chalked some achievements, such as the 1st in Malaysia Silent Knight 2009 and 1st Malaysian Milo Cup 2010.

On the sidelines of the preparatory training for various karate championship, the man who was educated at the University of Indonesia is taking the time to talk with Rasamasa. Both of his career and his love of food.

Karateka was a dream or being sent parents?

My father did enthusiasts of all kinds of sports, but not the national athletes. He seems to prefer that their children would be an athlete. As a child, I, and my two sisters pushed into karate. But, who survived just me. At that time, there has been no aspirations to be an athlete karate because in the home environment also all like to play football. However, after taking part in karate for a year, I am interested in further training.

What kind of experience so athletes karate?

In 1999 I officially become athletes and began to take the match. At that time, I won 3rd place for Jakarta Governor Cup. Whose name athletes certainly susceptible to injury and certainly never experienced it. The most severe injury was when my left elbow and leg swelling. It took one and a half months to recover and join the championship again.

What about diet? Are tight as the athletes in general?

Ideally diet must be maintained. Minimal must adhere to the principle 4 Healthy 5 Perfect. But, again, there is a possibility of athletes eat what he likes, which may be far from perfect diet. In essence, an athlete needs to know what to eat and how many calories are consumed. From there, he can determine the portion of practice that will be undertaken.

What are the most difficult foods to avoid?

I most baseball can refuse pecel chicken, catfish pecel, and all kinds of fried. Yeah, anyway, fried food is not good, especially for athletes. Oil content is not good. However, this life, is not it, at all. So, while there is a chance so taken alone. Basically, just do not overdo it.

Can cook?

Can, but sober. I buy a lot more outside. It is rather troublesome if buying outside because do not know the content that is in the food. If in Japan, all the existing information. During this time, I use the method roughly if you buy food outside. In addition, my theory, if eating a lot, training should also be hard. The so-called hard workout it needs 4,000 calories.

You are taking vitamins and supplements?

Once in a while, yes. However, I am still trying to find that are natural, because vitamins and supplements in tablet form still contain chemicals. I often eat drink herbal concoction of eggs, honey, and tea to maintain stamina.

In your opinion, to what extent the development of karate in our country?

Until now, Indonesia still rule in Asean. While in Asia or the world, karate is still dominated by Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe. However, many of our athletes who became champion in the championship dunia.Yang is needed in this sport is the development and regeneration, particularly in areas that are rarely affordable pusat.Sejauh frenzy, the government has supported by incorporating karate as one of the extra-curricular elementary school children. Ministry of Education also supports. As for the institutions, in my opinion BRI including foster father karate sufficient to support the development of this sport in Indonesia.