Cooking Abroad

Gulai Ayam for Americans


When I was in Indonesia, I often wonder why people like to put a picture Indonesian cooking in social networking. After being on the shoreline, then I understand why.

Four years ago, my family moved from the city to the beloved Sacramento, California. The city is peaceful, quiet, and the air is nice. Where we lived not far from downtown, about fifteen minutes drive. There, everything is there. Starting from the malls, cafes, and a variety of restaurants. However, Indonesia is among the rare restaurant. In California there are only few and far anyway. Inevitably, to enjoy a rich Indonesian cuisine with typical seasonings, we have to cook it.

Being on the seacoast made ​​me understand, why people of Indonesia abroad fond put a picture of dishes, for example on Facebook. Apparently, made ​​or tasted dishes such beloved hometown taste is so good. Because of all of this to come through a variety of challenges. Unlike when I was in Indonesia, the artisan vegetable always faithful stopping in front of the house every day and traditional markets were easily accessible.

I am very lucky to have a husband who loves cooking Indonesian Caucasians, although not really like spicy, so I had to succumb reduce the amount of chilli in every dish that my favorite buat.Makanan husband and my children are rendang and chicken curry.

Incidentally my husband clever cook, so we apply the division of time to cook. My turn is from Monday to Friday, but sometimes when I'm bored we ate outside. We also like to try new recipes while enjoying together in the kitchen.

Spices from Indonesia, such as soy sauce, ginger, turmeric, bay leaves, lemon grass, until the spices hodgepodge, easily obtainable in Shun Fat Supermarket, Asian stores in Sacramento. Every time there, I always go crazy because before we moved to this city distance from home to the supermarket is about 1 hour drive. In the past we always stock some materials, such as soy sauce, condiment bottles, rice, chips, and so on.

One day, after work, my husband asked Indonesia to make a dish potluck event in his office. Coworkers who have never tasted Indonesian cuisine is very curious.

Armed with the knowledge of your friends here, I am looking for information on the Internet. In addition, there are "sponsored links" of the husband that was not too spicy, because his partner could not eat too spicy. As soon as I made chicken curry so and was taken to show the husband's office, I hope anxious that his colleagues liked.

Apparently, after the ceremony eat, her husband called and said, bosses and coworkers like dishes I make. Their first comment, I was a little spicy cuisine to the size of their tongue. However, "... delicious, complete marinade flavor, and taste spicy rose slowly.". They really like my cooking, to add many times until exhausted and exhausted. It was nice that foreigners love Indonesian cuisine!