Hore, Pecah Telur


Cooking in the kitchen into something challenging and required me to do. Moreover, I am including the mother enough detail to food Sasha, my daughter. Long before starting solid foods, I prepare to dig up a lot of information on food early breastfeeding support the best, from the Internet, books as well as my mother.

Preparation for the solids were my do with discipline. From the selection of tools and food ingredients, a combination of weekly menus, until the schedule of fruit and vegetables should not be mixed in the daily menu. That is, the fruit must be shared fruit and vegetables should be shared vegetable. Food cooking show my son always so routine quite challenging, because behind the preparation I also learned a lot about nutrition for her as well as I, are still exclusively breastfed.

Cooking food for Sasha always be the priority of encouragement .

For me, growing development of the child at the age of gold is determined by the food consumed.

The food provided is not to be expensive, especially westernized style. Enough home-cooked meals, the raw materials are available at any time in the kitchen and easily cooked. One of them is the egg, which with all the goodness of vitamins it contains always fill my fridge.

I started giving processed eggs, in addition to fruits and vegetables, when Sasha past the age 10 months and start eating creamed. Usually I choose chicken eggs, chicken eggs although Europe is also not a problem for me. I give boiled eggs from the yellow first. Initially I puree and give little by little. The difference in the texture of the eggs of puree the usual fruits and vegetables tasted Sasha looks through expression grin, but he was quick to tolerate. I stick to the principle of 3-day rule. After three days of observation no evidence of egg allergy, I then more freedom to be creative process best food for him. Omelets and egg soup is always eaten with gusto without excessive effort to persuade.

Time passes very quickly, Sasha was entering the age of 21 months. Independence increasingly formed and he also began to understand a celebration.

This year is the second year for him to celebrate Easter. Ah! I remember one Sunday school agenda, which is none other than the hide-and-seek Easter eggs!

Looking at my son play dough eggs in a bowl and menggelontorkannya to dress up dripping onto the floor, and leave footprints on each footing legs always make me laugh width. Especially when she saw the expression on his little innocent . Impatient I wanted to let you know Sunday school teacher, so that one egg is sought Sasha did not need to be boiled. Let the raw eggs given to his hand up broke! I really want to capture this historic moment.