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Jagung Titi


Corn is a food that is abundant for the people of Maumere. No wonder that many variants of the food use of corn ingredients. One of the favorite food is corn titi Maumere population. According Alfonsa Koban having blood eastern Indonesia, corn titi a daily snack.

If rice mixed with corn can only be consumed by certain circles and difficult to meet, whether the same condition also occurs in maize titi?

Corn titi much easier to find. Titi corn was already like snacks there. Although somewhat hard. To chew need teeth and strong jaws.

The titi corn flaked corn?

Titi corn is made from corn kernels. The word itself is a dialect titi NTT to mention the corn pemipihan.

What is the process?

The process of making corn passable titi unique and takes quite a long time. First, the corn will be removed from the cob. Corn kernels are then roasted by using pans that are made of clay. When the roast is not able at once, roasted corn kernels around 5-10 seeds ride every time the furnace. Once ripe, seed corn will pass pemipihan process that uses two pieces of stone. Just like the collision. One stone serves as a base and the other into a bat.

Who used to make corn titi this?

Typically, corn titi created by women. To remove or flip through titi corn that has been flattened, may not use a spatula or other aids, but only by hand.

You till now also create your own corn titi?

Unfortunately does not, usually when there are brothers who were to Maumere, I always entrusted titi corn in large quantities. Make titi corn was not easy. If rice mixed with corn easily made. Corn titi need a lot of power. Titi corn taste like chips, however, corn titi better and not bitter. Although hard but addictive.

Cuisine of East Indonesia tend to be poor seasoning, seasoning does not explored around

East Indonesian people themselves prefer to eat meat than vegetables. Exploration usually occurs in food flavoring ingredients wearing meat.