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Kangen Gudeg Yogya!


Indonesian BMX athletes, Tony Syarifudin, believe that foods supporting achievement. There is an Indonesian food that always he missed while away from home ...

Not many people know that the bike BMX (bicycle motocross) raced professionally. Not only skateboard tricks like that competed in this race, there is also a race like in motocross. Indonesia has some BMX athletes who shine on the world stage. In the event the SEA Games 2011, the Indonesian BMX athletes incised achievements, one of which is Toni Syarifudin, who gained a silver medal. I became acquainted with the 22-year-old athlete when I participated in the Sea Games. Now, Toni was busy going through various exercises in Switzerland. According to the plan, this year he will participate in various championships in Europe, also the 2014 Asian Games to be held in September-October in South Korea. When I met him again, we talked about many things, especially about food and cooking.

According to you, anyone, really, to be able to cook?

Actually, it depends. But, ideally everyone should be able to cook. Moreover, who frequently travel and stay away from the family. If you can cook yourself, we more easily know whether the food is healthy or not. We, right, never know what people put into the food we eat, if not we are making. When eating out, usually a place to eat was more concerned with whether the food was good or not, regardless of how much oil is used.

What is essential foodstuffs in the kitchen?

Cooking oil, salt, pepper, sugar, and coriander.

Can cook baseball? Usually cook?

Little by little I could. Usually fried fish and chilli. The fish just smeared seasoning, then fried. If vegetables, usually steamed briefly and then given a sauce and eaten with the others.

I'm not the type of people who learned to cook through prescription.

So, if the material is in the kitchen, yes approximated just proportion. If you want to fish more palatable, I banyakin ketumbarnya.

Now they often cook?

It has been very rare, especially in Switzerland I work practice continues. Wake up immediately direct the exercise, the energy is definitely been drained. Here also has provided healthy food in my opinion, so now rarely cook.

You believe in the phrase "you are what you eat"?


People who regularly eat his chances too regularly. Because of my athletes, should eat healthy.

I could have been training very hard, but if not supported by a good diet, all will be useless. If you already exercise pol-and-so but his diet carelessly, a waste of time just happens. Normally, I adjust diet and exercise schedule matches. If you have entered a phase of the game, I eat carbohydrates alone. Meanwhile, if the phase of the exercise, I eat protein and carbohydrate, low-fat anyway. I also used to eat dinner 3 hours before bedtime, or more, because if you go straight to bed will make fat. Fat because fat will make the body more easily tired than muscle fat.

Often traveling for a long time, what I liked to cook special when you are at home?

No, really. My mother worked, so no time to cook. But as a child, I liked the chili cook anchovies. Oh yes, there is one food that I kangenin that much of Indonesia. I like Gudeg Jogja Yu Djum in UGM. It's different from those in other places. DELICIOUS marinade, deh!