Cooking Abroad

Lestarikan Kuliner Nusantara Di Rantau


Warm and simple, that's the impression that I captured while Yuli Utami know. Four years living in Europe without the help of an assistant households did not dampen the spirit of cooking dish archipelago.

The mother of one child named Sahnon is good at cooking. What struck me was his diligence in presenting the menu archipelago in everyday family. In addition to keeping the family halal food intake, the tongue they already love to taste the cuisine of Indonesia. Although large in Europe, pizza and pasta are not Sahnon favorite foods.

"As far shoreline, the archipelago as simple as any dish will taste much more delicious. Therefore, it takes intention and effort in the process, "said Yuli.

Women 34 years was admitted to not so good at cooking at the beginning of her marriage. Moreover, given the current stay in London, he could get nan delicious Indonesian food without having to bother process. However, when I have followed my husband, a geologist for an oil company, serving in Pau, France, in 2009 ago, inevitably Yuli learn various recipes Indonesia to meet the tastes of the family meal. Starting from online media to print, all he learned to get a taste of Indonesian dishes are perfect.

The result was not in vain. Now, he can cook a variety of dishes, and even that took a very long and complicated process though. Call it meatballs, dumplings, rendang, rawon, chicken noodle, pempek, chicken porridge, soup, and others. In fact he was able to make tempeh own!

"Husband and child wants to eat food archipelago. The longer and complicated process of cooking, the more they eat voraciously, "Yuli story when I met at his residence in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The experience of living in France and Denmark taught him to creatively find and replace food ingredients and spice native to Indonesia and are available in Asian stores.

In Denmark, Yuli has two stores in the area of Asian stores subscription, which is located right behind Copenhagen Central Station. Halal food ingredients has also been widely available at local supermarkets. Prices tend to be expensive does not make sense in a process running out of food. For example, when creating pempek usually use mackerel, Yuli get around by using frozen fish paste. Meanwhile, to make martabak eggs, she uses frozen paratha bread as a spring roll skin than the skin, which is used also as an alternative.

"Let baseball complicated, lingering in the kitchen, I make in large quantities. Then, divided into several portions and stored in the freezer. Stay left at room temperature, heat briefly in the microwave, available, deh, rendang at the dinner table. Nah that could also hang out on the day in the kitchen, "he said.

If returned to Indonesia, we can be sure the majority of his suitcase contents is seasoning and Indonesian food, from anchovies, anchovy terrain, shredded, paste, banana, cassava leaves, leaf betel nut, soy sauce, chili sauce, a variety of dried herbs, and spices other.