Makan Enak, Yuk!


Remove the first trimester of pregnancy, mood and appetite I re ... Eat, ah!

During the first trimester, the days I was slowly passed. Morning sickness I experienced quite alarming. How not, increasingly keen sense of smell makes me weary tolerate the pungent aroma. Activities like eating too painful threat. As a result, I was resigned to losing weight up to 4 kg in a month.

In the midst of this terrible condition, I immersed myself in a variety of activities that occupy your mind. Therefore, if lazy, taste and nausea eneg unstoppable be approached without further ado. My encouragement medicine is when to see a doctor every month and his face is so soothing. In many ways, a gynecologist who also handles routine examination of pregnancy and the birth of my first child managed to drag my strength back to the most optimal point. Although he was muttering concerned with probing eyes from behind his glasses when I discovered my weight dropped drastically and the tension was not so good the other day. I was only able to smile withered ...

Thankfully, it's all a story yesterday. Now, I entered the fifth month of pregnancy. Slowly but surely, my appetite improved even started quickly hungry. Doctor's advice to eat small portions every two hours does not seem to apply, because I am a rather large portion, he-he ... menu I choose is not as rigid as before. Formerly, for business meals looming just vermicelli soup, while trying to make the food more severe feeding activity so some sort of frightening specter. Now is the safest moment to fill the stomach with a variety of flavors.

Although not yet entered the kitchen again to cook yourself, see the vegetable recipe lodehnya Petty, green chilli squid, or sambal fried potatoes in heart can make me immediately make a list of foods that will be eaten by after work. Of course, the husband happy at all with this progress. Whenever and whatever I want to eat, the husband is always readily buy. Balance my body was getting primed, plus an aggressive mood back overabundance when seeing the sonogram. The fetus grows perfect, dig and kick the language of love that is not comparable to anything else.

Agenda back to the supermarket after work is done. I can already stout run in counter fish, meat, and seasonings. Sharp aroma for most of my four months ago to avoid, now can I in good hands. I come back to shop assorted groceries and fill the fridge with enthusiasm. While pushing a trolley, I hungrily munching peanuts peanut brittle. Yummy ...


Lodeh Petty

Green chili squid

Sambal Fried Liver

Peanut brittle