Masak Besar


Lebaran is already over, but the variety of food in the house is still a lot and arranged neatly on tables, in fact some are stored in the room. If you look at the amount of food in a house like this, we certainly thought of Mr.

Mr. nyemil love while watching TV. However, Eid this time, Dad is not there with us, he has been called by God. So, this much variety of food that we have spent together.

Actually, not only during Eid course meals at home are plentiful. Almost every day the food was always plentiful at home. There are two reasons for that, first, at home there are 8 family members. Secondly, in order to be given to someone else. The second point is what makes me remember when I was little. I never cried because not given food by playmates whose house next door to me. When mom comes, immediately say if mama mama would make snacks that much let me do not cry anymore. And, sure enough, when he got home, mama cooking different meals with large portions.

Until now, mama must always cook in large portions. Due to the large portion of it, in addition to the family eat, can also be distributed to the neighbors. Similarly, Eid today, mama keep making dishes with large portions. To the extent there is a neighbor who said "Rich dwegawe bae, ngadug-ngadug masake (like going to a celebration of course, cooking a lot)".

Since childhood mama was already familiar with the kitchen. Almost all dishes made yourself, as much as possible not to buy food from outside. Some cooking mama published in the portal like, Kastengel and vegetable lemongrass. Kastengel can be found at http: // localhost: 81 / rasamasa_live / recipes / Kastengel / . Vegetable lemongrass can be viewed at http: // localhost: 81 / rasamasa_live / recipes / vegetable-lemongrass / . Because mama's cooking skills, if there is a celebration in the village, mama certainly always asked for help to help cook a meal to take home by guests.

After my great and stay in Jakarta, I had attended some celebration friend. I noticed hajatannya definitely use catering. I myself while in the village, more familiar with the celebration of the cook magnitude done alone, in the sense that the owner celebration cooking.

When my sister circumcision, for example, in addition to the father who built a tent, the mothers from the brothers to the neighbors came to help. The tradition of celebration in the village is different, the invitation came celebration brought rice 2 or 3 liters. After that, they will sit down for a while consuming dishes that are served by the host. Like, lunkhead, rengginang, dent, banana chips, flower rocking, until sagon powder or peanut roaster skin. When they return, the basket of rice earlier, will be filled with food that has been cooked, such as rice, sambal fried potatoes, boiled eggs, tempeh, and tofu fried. In one day, hundreds of people come, so for mothers who cook in the kitchen was already prepared from dawn to finish around 10pm.

Large cooking at home is not for celebration, but mama always cook in large quantities. When I ask why cook much, mama told me to drive to relatives and neighbors who are already delivering food to the house. So that we can be grateful for the advantages that can be enjoyed together.