Recipe Stories

Masak Siomay Tanpa Timbangan


Cooking dumplings obtained from subsequent beloved sister deliciousness to the beloved grandchildren. Not only that, homemade vegetable acids also up to the neighbors while keeping silatuhrahmi.

Mom had entered the kitchen since the age of what?

From the age of 22-23 years old, married fitting. Previous already auxiliary aids mother, our children dressing mother-turns. For example, when my sister was already married cooking task fell to me. And so on.

Learning to cook dumplings from whom?

I learned from my brother, more than ten years ago. Learning through stories, because I really like to cook so instantly. Though he himself rarely cook, cook that's when the new year.

First make these dumplings never fail?

Usually if not violent, too soft because sagunya flour mixture. I cook without weighed-weigh, weigh enough at the hands alone.

Mother-made dumplings delicious secret?

In order tasty, shrimp do not milled but cut because if ground shrimp destroyed so it will not feel. Her skin just buy special skin dumplings, dumpling skin should not be hard for.

What's the difference with dumplings purchased?

If you make yourself more shrimp, so eating more satisfied.

Until now I often cook it for grandchildren on hooked. Until my children were in Kelapa Gading also like me to send. Sometimes people in the church also love the message.

Does the mother's own grocery shopping? Usually shopping where?

I was shopping alone the same dianterin husband to the market in Gading Serpong. Cook was alone, even though there Masakin my maid. If not, I buy vegetables cooked in the market.

If the lunar said cooking  samchan  (Pork hong), how do I make it?

Oh it difficult cooking. Complicated. Pig skin pierced with a fork, the process is quite long. Fork should be sharp, otherwise it can not break up the meat later. Under the skin before the meat there is a layer of fat. If it is fried and soaked in cold water, meat it will expand its skin, well shaped like a hat. Then drained, cut into pieces, and fried with onion, garlic, dried shrimp, Juhi, mushrooms, pepper. Then dikecapi before put into the bowl. Trimmed, then steamed. When will eat, bowl reversed. The shape is so like a hat with vegetables underneath and a layer of mildew on it. Taken bits and pieces and eaten with rice. Every year I definitely cook samchan own.

Not everyone can ya?

Rare people who can cook samchan. I can because it is still classified as the first, and this recipe handed down from parents.

Vegetable tamarind mother also famous as a vegetable tamarind yes Tante Liem. Can you tell?

Most I can chinese food because my Chinese heritage. If Betawi cuisine, my masters sour vegetable. Instead sombong..ha..ha..ha ..

When cooking vegetables sour, I love to children and neighbors, so the neighbors do not know each other that had become familiar. There are bantuin all eat.