Cooking Abroad

Memasak Bersama Anak Anak


Togetherness me in the kitchen with the children into special moment to learn and also reopen memories of the homeland through Indonesian cuisine.

Living in a residential area in Ohio, United States makes us have to cook it yourself if you're wanted Indonesian food. Around the house there are many shopping centers, but unfortunately nothing Indonesian restaurant. There used to be, but it was closed several years ago. While the Indonesian restaurant nearby to be achieved by driving a personal vehicle for 4 jam. Mengingat two hearts I do not very often return to the ground water, I had to be more excited to present Indonesian dishes at home. Hopefully, they become able to recognize and feel what Indonesian cuisine.

Indonesian food cooking with the kids and then became one of my regular activities. They'll be glad to share in the cooking process. The curiosity of the children were great, making them often ask the name of the spice is seen and what is its function. They also asked why certain dishes should be boiled first, and a variety of other questions. For cooking side dishes, children often volunteered to help with stirring. However, considering the safety factor, when there is food to be fried or no kitchen equipment or material that is heat, they will move away and be careful.

Children are most like when cooking desserts, such as snacks and cakes. Children also love to make a fresh drink, for example mixed ice, fruit ice, or other drinks from the results of experiments with syrup and complementary materials lainnya. Salah snacks that make me miss is satai cenil of my elementary school cafeteria first. The color is so attractive (red, green, and white), sweet, chewy texture, and savory with additional grated coconut. It used the price is not expensive, only 25 rupees. With my pocket money of 100 rupiah during it, I can enjoy two puncture satai cenil, and still have money left over for savings.

After searching for recipes on the Internet, I was trying to make satai cenil with the children. The process is not difficult. Before starting, I prepare the ingredients, then I explain the steps in children. They usually stand on the bench in order to look more closely. Once the dough is finished and divided, they add color: white, red, and green. Each child stirring in a separate bowl, laughing, because once sticky dough. "As the glue, yes, Bun," they babble.

Round out the dough into a ball became a challenge for children, but they are still trying though ultimately only managed to round off a little. After sphere cenil boiled and floats, I strain and roll over the grated unsweetened coconut. The final result of the puncture cenil satai satai, I showed the kids, then they will make their own arrangement satainya appropriate color pattern (white, red, green).

Cooking with children become special memories in my mind. In addition acquainted with the taste of dishes, they also indirectly learn about the size, weight, texture, cooking time, process, and while cooking satai cenil prepare food according to the color pattern. They were even more excited when eating homemade results. As for myself, the most valuable is when they said it was delicious Indonesian cuisine and the world's most delicious dishes Mother!