Cooking Abroad

Memasak Di Negeri Kincir Angin


Travel to the Netherlands gave me a unique experience, which serves Indonesian cuisine to the host. It turns out to gain praise.

The winter of 2012, I visited a friend in Utrecht, Netherlands. A Dutch girl I knew when he was doing research for his thesis in Bogor, the city of my domicile. In Utrecht, I stayed at my friend's apartment with her friends.

One time, my friend told me he misses Indonesian food and asked me to make Indonesian cuisine. He said he also wants to introduce Indonesian dishes on her. I agree to it, because in addition to love to cook, in the Netherlands is also easy to get ingredients.

In the afternoon, we went to many Asian stores selling food from Asia, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and China.

In the Netherlands, the store is called "shop" as in Indonesian, BECAUSE here there are many people living in Indonesia.

Compared to other European countries, materials Indonesian cuisine here is cheaper, but still more expensive than in Indonesia.

We buy some materials, such as tempeh, beans, chicken, rice, soy sauce, chili, seasoning satai, instant bouillon powder made in Indonesia, and beer star (yes, my friend also miss this beer!).

The plan, I want to make satai seasoning chicken and soy tempeh. After shopping for the ingredients, we went back to the apartment. Assisted my friends started cooking. We start by cooking chicken seasoning satai. The first time I cooked this dish is when in Europe and a lot of love. Seasoning mandatory that I always use when cooking are garlic, onion, pepper, and chili.

First, my boneless chicken cut into small pieces, then cooked with a little oil, garlic, onions, and broth powder bautan Indonesia. Once cooked, I enter satai seasoning that has been melted into the chicken. Continue cooking until the spices to infuse the chicken, then add soy sauce, chili, and pepper, so it feels more stable.

I also cook tempeh soy with almost the same material, ie, garlic, chili, and soy sauce. While the beans just boiled and given instant bouillon powder.

In Europe rarely have electric rice cooker (rice cooker), we also traditionally cooked rice.

Rice put in a pot of water, add a little butter or oil that is not sticky. Because friends do not like the bland rice, let me add salt no flavor. Our wet rice dry with a sieve until the water goes down.

Once ready, we are ready to enjoy it. One friend who has never been to Indonesia says very happy to eat my homemade Indonesian cuisine. According to him, if you eat at the restaurant can be very expensive. While the dishes we prepare for all three of these only spent about 15 euros only, plus materials that already exist in the kitchen. Indeed, in Europe a better cook, especially if we are going to share a meal with friends. In addition to saving, also definitely more fun!