Merayakan Idul Fitri Dengan Cinta


Memory feast of Eid in the first childhood is precious, so it continues to exist in my memory ...

How not, on the last night in the month of fasting, I and other small children participate in group celebrating takbiran night. We walked around the house area while carrying the drum and fireworks. Our little voices shouting in unison, "Happy Eid, Happy Holidays!"

The next morning, my playmates friends who celebrate, flocked to my house, bring snacks and small cakes homemade. So many food delivery is collected, mother to not have to cook for days. Not to mention if I come to a social gathering Mother fellow friends keguruannya, which took place during the period of Eid. I went home still equipped snack widths.

Likewise, on Christmas day. It's a habit for me, brother, and both my brother to assemble customized lanterns on the eve of Christmas. Our friends will gather on the front porch. We then lit candles, put them in various places at will, while lanterns hung on the ceiling of the porch. The view was home at night filled with twinkle light candles and lanterns goyan swaying in the wind, inviting people to sit chatting and shaking hands with each other.

In the morning, I was in charge of distributing food to the neighbors who do not celebrate Christmas. Conduction foods that have been laid by Mrs. wrapped in tin basket flannel. To go home pretty much a family friend, my brother would lend his worn on my racing bike.

Once mature, the tradition of sharing the love feast day I feel a much different manner, for example by sending messages channeled through social media. Many of these changes make natural reasons. Some people make a choice, others still do not much different way from the past. There is nothing wrong with the way, because all move from intention to express the joy and sincere greetings to friends who have different beliefs.

Christmas Day last year it was less afdol for me. To entertain family, friends, and neighbors who visit, I prefer to buy food and snacks from the restaurant. Actually, had flashed to cultivate their own food, such as Mother who always eagerly installments preparation cook rendang, ketupat, fried noodles, rice cake terrain, chips spinach, onion cakes, flowers rocking, nuts onions and various other snacks, to be presented to the family, friends and neighbors who play to the house. Limited situations made me finally chose a more practical way. Although any form and manner, which carried the message harmonious togetherness not cracked and not fade.

Lebaran this year, I wanted a very special celebration. In addition adjacent to the second birthday, my daughter, Sasha, this feast is also adjacent to the Indonesian democratic party that celebrates the president-elect. Immediately, there is a common thread that I pull for the whole of this moment: the party of the people for a new head of state and Sasha's birthday celebration will be wrapped in the eid al fitr victory. Unimaginable how the bells gempitanya overflowing love which airs at that time!