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Mi Kangkung Ekspress


"When I was a huge fan Jakarta mi kale. Moving to Portland, Oregon who rarely Indonesian restaurant, let alone seek spinach noodle dishes such as hunting antic stuff, "said Mary Sasmiro when questioning the express homemade spinach noodles recipe to Rasamasa. Mary did so more love and appreciate the cuisine of Indonesia after living abroad. Cooking and writing became a way of life there.

Why the name Mi Kale Express?

Makes it express, from preparation until cooked, ready to eat 1 hour-lah.

How does the full story?

All the more easy and practical needs here. For example, kale that I bought here are generally fresh and had insisted, so not too take a long time to select and clean. Mushrooms and dried shrimp I also bought ready to cook, just soaked in warm water before cooking. I cut onions onions disposable cutlery, kitchen gadgets here funny. I boiled eggs in another pan simultaneously when I make the sauce. So, when the sauce has cooked all stay mixed. This is when I focus, sometimes interspersed watch youtube on ipad when in the kitchen. Cooking should be fun, right?

What's the difference with spinach noodles recipe general?

It's homemade, hehe ... other than that, very practical because the ingredients and kitchen tools more sophisticated, do not wear ngulek. Do not use a variety of flavor as well. If you do not like the strong aroma of onions, reduced live alone.

Can prescription where?

Armed with a cookbook of Jakarta and read and read the recipe on the internet I try to cook at home deh.

Why mi kale?

This is a family favorite foods. Away from my family ever cravings make this spinach noodles. So learn deh of recipes in cookbooks and on the Internet. I miss this dish drugs. Family and friends here also hooked.

There's another intriguing story behind this spinach noodle delicacy?

I am never surprised at the price kale here, very expensive! Not to mention, when I had just moved, confused about where to buy kale. In addition, I also do not know the name in English kale. Apparently, a good name, sometimes called morning glory, there is also a call water spinach, and some have called it on choy. Kale bundle price can be about 3 USD, if the current exchange rate (Rp. 12000.00) yes approximately Rp. 36000.00 - lah. Even then, there is depending on the season, fortunately kale here fat-fat and fresh. The name miss home food, it's all worth it.