Nasi Bungkus Juara

There is one type of food that is very unappealing to me who was pregnant at this time. In fact, before the food was always my longing.

Each was in the first trimester of pregnancy, seems to have become the default in my hormonal system to avoid rice. Shape, color, and aroma so unattractive at this time so I do not want to taste the rice first until I feel normal again. As a trick to stimulate a sense of drool, each spooning rice into his mouth, I always dig around the memory of rice. Most champion for me, the memory rice packets. Rice wrap I mean it feels fantastic, unmatched.

During middle school, I attended a private school in Medan Methodist dominant students of Chinese descent. Each task group in the house of a friend, the mother of my friends who keep the grocery store on the first floor will be screaming at us that gathered on the second floor. "Lu people [you] how many? Wa [I] want to buy an early evening meal, "she said. We then rush count and answer in unison. Before long, billowy folds of banana leaves on a tray served and we were invaded fragrant rice heat pack it without further ado.

Moved to Yogyakarta after graduating high school, longing to wrap rice, I try to allow himself with ordering rice wrapped in restaurants around campus. Initially I was excited when a clot heart heat leaves the landing on my tray. But, when opened, it turns out I did not find what I expected. When my brother told me at night, he laughed. I also came to know that the name of the Java rice wrapped in a different and more specific. There coffè, yellow rice, rice Rames, rice cat, pecel, or roasted rice. From the looks anyway, rice-rice that is wrapped with leaves all. However, for me, no one can match the typical wrap rice field.

Typical wrap rice field is really special and has its own story. Once upon a time, tobacco farmers along the ground Deli always bring lunch pack as stock booster stomach, because the food is not perishable. In the tobacco fields, farmers often cross paths with freedom fighters rest and hunger. Rice wrap became "ammunition" of civilians for the fighters, in order to remain strong against the invaders.

Now in Medan, cooked rice traders are often found on the streets of the protocol, near schools, government offices, large printing, large houses of worship, and in the elite housing. The Reason? The buyer is more crowded than in the suburbs. In addition, areas in the main streets are also filled with grocery stores, which since the days of empire Deli and under Dutch rule inhabited by Chinese people. So, I wonder if each event group assignments at a friends house, cooked rice is always so snacks are served.

Over time, side dishes in a rice wrap it becomes increasingly diverse. One of which is burned into my memory is hot cooked rice soaked rendang sauce, chicken breast mixed Balado intact, half-baked omelet, eggplant and beans tauco. Coupled with a pinch pickled cucumber, fried vermicelli dash, dash of sweet potato leaves boiled with rendang sauce, and raw red chili sauce. When combined with the scent of the wrapper leaf, rice was really tempting my sense of smell. The portions were very much, obviously spoiling the audience.

Memories will detail the composition of rice wrapped my champion was no doubt make me eat my lunch tasteful spend it. Hopefully when my appetite is back craze, I was able to land on the ground of birth and eating rice packets Medan.