Cooking Abroad

Nasi Goreng Di Jerman


Not unexpectedly, the term fried rice and fried noodles was already very well known in Germany.

In the first week of my stay in Germany, the host family took me to eat at the Asian restaurant in town where I live, Bensheim. The restaurant was named Wok. I'm glad remarkable because a week of eating bread and pasta is enough to make my stomach so anxious not known.

This small restaurant is located in the city arktplatz m Bensheim. Although small, this restaurant is laid out with beautiful and neat. First up, I immediately glanced at the menu and the price of food available. Unbelievable shock, I found the name "fried rice" and "fried noodles" on the menu.

My host family then told that "fried rice" and "fried noodles" is a term that is quite commonly known by connoisseurs of Asian food in Germany.

But, they do not know that the term is derived from the Indonesian.

With tremendous rumbling stomach, I direct message spicy fried rice. Looking at the price of 8 euros or if converted approximately Rp.120.000, it does hurt. But this price is the standard price of food in Germany. I was not disappointed, because the taste of fried rice was very good. In addition, the portions are also quite a lot, one serving 3-4 people can eat, eat a lot of my size. My host family ordered fried noodle that seems too good and plenty. When I tasted, tasted like fried noodles sold brother roving carts in a residential complex in Indonesia.

After eating, I am interested in chatting with the owner of the restaurant. Wang Ying Lin, who came from the People's Republic of China. He has been doing business for 6 years with her husband, who also came from the same country. When I asked about the fried rice and fried noodles are listed in the menu, a woman aged 40 years was admitted, in fact do not fully understand the meaning of the names of the dishes in the menu. Such as menu and Gang Gai Pad Ped Kimau Moo originating from Thailand or fried rice and fried noodles from Indonesia. Lin sell it because the food was already well known and favored customers in Germany. Description of the food was added in German on the menu list, subscribers can imagine the food would be ordered.

Due to the availability of Asian cuisine in Germany is limited, Lin bought from the Netherlands, who did have access to pretty good in flavor and ingredients Asian cuisine. To keep the flavor of food and marinade can penetrate well, Lin admitted, he did not cook one menu at a time in large quantities like most other Asian restaurants in Germany. One of the mainstays in the Wok menu is Mittag buffet buffet menu alias start Pk. 12:00 to 14:00, every Monday through Friday. By paying 6.5 euros, customers can eat as much of the menu is available in the table. This menu makes Wok always crowded customer, even until there are no empty seats.

My chat and Lin continues until the belly of Asia that can never be satisfied with German food.

Despite eating a lot and full, there's always less if you do not eat rice or noodles.

Found this restaurant to be one of happiness for me. Although the price of food is quite expensive for aupair, at least my appetite Asian food can be met by coming here occasionally.