Cooking Abroad

Nostalgia Di Meja Makan


The meal has become a part of socialization in life. On the dining table, the business talk, knitting love, exchanging stories with the family, as well as stay in touch with old friends.

As a working woman, a family member, and a friend, all the activities at the dinner table that I have felt. However, that feels more special is when the dining table in some distant country into a typical food tersajinya hometown, to be enjoyed with old friends from ground water that has been long separated.

ELYT is an old friend when I was living and working in Jakarta. We worked for eight years at the same company, though-he's different from the marketing department, I am creative. Our friends are compact, both inside and outside the office. When a few years ago he moved to Vancouver, Canada, to follow her husband, feeling a mixture of sad because I left at the same time happy because close friends happy. A few years later, when the streets of the ELYT and his family, I was greeted with satai meal at home.

I enjoyed the time cooking together in the tiny kitchen while exchanging stories.

Recipe satai style home, ELYT learned from Indonesian friends on arrival in Vancouver.

I helped cut the chicken, spice up with soy sauce, then mix the sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonion with salt and pepper. Afterwards, we prepare satai for ready baked bars. I also made fried tofu filled with a box of material out fried pong, bean sprouts, and carrots in the fridge, which he bought in Asian Groceries.

We reminisce, started while still working together to stories about his new little family. How he adapted from a career woman became a full-time housewife in countries far away from friends and family in Indonesia. I praised him, in a short time he was able to change from career woman who never knew the kitchen into a smart housewife cooking.

When it came time to burn satai, we use a tool commonly used practical grilled for BBQ. A few pieces of beef sausage also baked for Devin, the little baby my dear. While my partner and husband ELYT handle affairs satai grilling in the backyard, under a blue sky Vancouver, I know pong fry vegetables that have been filled and covered with spiced tempung. ELYT prepare for satai homemade peanut sauce.

8 o'clock that night, under the summer sky Vancouver are still bright, we enjoyed a simple dish but full of warmth and familiarity.

While away from home, being with old friends from back home that are rarely found to be so valuable.

Satai large dish decorated plate of chicken, fried tofu contents, vegetables cucumber and bean sprouts cah, and fluffier rice hot and spicy sauce as a complement. The dining table becomes a medium of socialization timeless distance and time for a friendship, wherever we are.