Sports are part of my family's life for a long time.

For my father, the sport is a hobby and can be occupied. Various kinds of sports still he elaborated higga today. Start of swimming, biking, and hiking.

Until at the age has reached 60 years, Papa still actively hiking with friends who was much younger.

Little memory of the past, Papa had always invited me to come with him to the National Monument cycling (MONAS) or Ancol Dreamland when I was five years old. Because sayabelum adept riding, Papa made ​​a small chair with a design customized bike, so I could be in with a comfortable ride on a bicycle pedaling Papa. It is not long until I get my first four-wheeled bike. I continued to practice in order to cycling with Dad. For approximately three months, finally I can ride my bike on the highway along with Papa. Happy ...

In contrast to Papa, Mama I prefer gymnastics bersamai bu-mothers in our neighborhood. Every Sunday, there is always a joint exercise activities are conducted free of charge by a citizen who is working as a teacher in one of the main gymnastics famous fitness center in Jakarta. Glad to see motion exercises, I finally decided to join the gymnastics and reduce cycling. Although in the end I would like yoga than any other sport.

According to Papa, it's a very good exercise for health for moderation.

Too much exercise is also not good for health impact. Meanwhile, in my opinion, our body also has its own warning system. So when we feel like exercising, do it. Because at that time, our bodies do need exercise. Discipline does not mean you know.

Congratulations Sports!