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Pastel Tutup


This special dish is often present as one of the family Christmas dinner Anastasia Endangwati. Complete with chili sauce or tomato sauce that gives the impression of Indonesia. "Although the background of Chinese and happy to be the 'kelondo-londoan', everyday dishes our family remained more dominated by a sense of Indonesia, especially Java," said Dhianita Soendoro.

"My parents are great in Central Java, because Father of Purwokerto, while Mothers of East Java, precisely from Malang. So, our family's favorite dishes range in rawon, tempeh mendoan, soup, sour fierce, chicken curry, pecel, vegetables ve and the like. Chili paste was almost never absent from the table. Well when it comes to pastel cover has its own story indeed, "continued Dhian.

Did, began when the lid is present in the menu pastel family?

As I recall the first time pastel cap mom made when I was about 4-5 years.

The recipe is from where?

Initially, Mrs. tasting pastel artificial cap cousin sister. Mothers love the texture of the potatoes are soft blend with a savory stuffing. Then 'he berguru'lah at my aunt's, then a prescription is written in the book records his recipe.

Is this pastel always served at home?

For my mother (then) woman in an office, making pastel cap including dedicated activities because it needs a lot of preparation with a long production time. Thus, it is certain presence on weekends, holidays and day-long special day, like Christmas or a big family event.

What difference does it with pastel pastel lid is closed the other?

The difference is in the taste of nutmeg is quite sharp. In addition, Mother always thought of pastel presentation in earnest. For example: every piece of material elements, each of which must be distinguished size and shape (there are a quarter of a circle, dice box, lengthwise) The reason he is, so that the look is not monotonous. Then, layer the potatoes had to be polished in such a way to make it look rapih..dan not forget, given the slick strokes for texture on it.

When did you last eat?

When asked to photograph the recipe for Christmas in Rasamasa, in December last year. Early in the morning, I went home and immediately helped her mother cook from scratch. We both made a pastel for 11/2 pan. Half pan left at home for the elderly. One pan again, brought to the kitchen Rasamasa to be photographed. Done photocall in the afternoon, I and all teams were present Rasamasa eat pastel lid with deh.

Create Dhian, what is the meaning of pastel cap in the family?

Pastel this cap is only occasionally served in special moments. Because of this, my brother and I always feel pastel cap mother is "happy day food" .Cita feels as if giving a sense of excitement as when on vacation or are in the Christmas mood. Now, when it separated the house from the parents, we sometimes special Mother's request to be made ​​pastel cap, just to feel nostalgic childhood. Apparently, food can serve as a time machine!