Cooking Abroad

Piknik Menyambut Musim Panas Di Praha


Ten months in Prague gave me a lot of experience. Not just a matter of education, but also to adapt to the culture that is so different.

If a friend asks, "home Kangen not?", My answer is, yes, miss ... life really!

Especially when you're not busy college. Moments like these, the most I expect is an event organized by the Embassy. In addition to hanging out with other people of Indonesia, which surely there is also typical of Indonesian food. Here it is the most I look forward to!

Gathering together the people of Indonesia in Prague on June 20 and is held in the form of a picnic. This picnic event to welcome the arrival of summer to celebrate the anniversary of one of the om / our beloved grandparent, Sudjono. The event was also a gathering before the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan.

Located smack in the garden belonging to Ali, businessman ornamental plants from Indonesia, me and some communities in Indonesia who attended enjoyed the fresh air of Prague. I, who first set foot in the garden belonging to Ali's Cak, amazed at the atmosphere of the garden which is very quiet and beautiful. Only about 20 minutes from the city centrum Praha, this place is suitable to unwind after a busy schedule.

The weather was not good, slightly overcast and windy, making us come with a padded jacket to avoid freezing. Fortunately, during the event it did not rain a drop.

Bonfire became a favorite spot for a picnic, either to keep warm and to make BBQ dishes.

Each of us comes to bring food to be enjoyed together, ranging from snacks, heavy food, and assorted pastries. There is also a carrying groceries half-baked to a BBQ at the campfire, such as chicken, Susis, and peppers, especially the students who are not good at cooking.

Who became an idol is made in Mrs. Tasmuri yellow rice, complete with a fried egg and vegetables. Food is directly attacked when we are welcome to eat. Tasmuri mother is indeed one of the hero cook Indonesian food in Prague, which is often also cooking for events at the Embassy. So, taste the cuisine was no doubt!

Indonesian foods such as tempeh stir fry and anchovies, and even cassava chips are sent directly from Indonesia, we can make up to do against the homeland.

For me that was a long time do not eat Indonesian food, this is like heaven.

The mouth does not seem to stop chewing food, forget the segaladiet and summer. Understandably, in Prague quite difficult to find a specific restaurant provides Indonesian cuisine. Not that there is no, but the taste was already too adapted to the tongue of Europe, especially the Czech Republic. So, I think it's become less make gereget.

Accompaniment of popular songs Indonesia, we ate and talked, exchanging the latest news about our lives in Prague, as well as planning further activities. That should not be forgotten is the inflatable candles for our grandparent's birthday. Moments like these can be a little treat and remove the flavor homesick loneliness. Therefore, here I got families one language, one culture, one of Indonesia.