Pilih Hidangan Natal Di Rumah Itu Mudah

I just realized, it turns choice christmas dishes at home much of the day-to-day are often portrayed in magazines. How do I choose?

Lebaran had diamond, curry and sambal fried liver as food traditions that exist from house to house, including my home. When preparing for a Christmas theme in, I find the same pattern of friends who celebrate it. Apparently, one really!

Star of David, mother of five children, said, that he asked for his mother to the potato cakes at Christmas. While every Christmas, my close friend, Goddess Larasati (Asti), there must be a meatball noodles at the dinner table at home. Why, instead of this daily diet? Apparently it's the way it is.

According Asti, this meatball noodles habit appeared at his home while his immediate family began to swell, with the birth of his nephews. For mother Asti decisive Christmas menu at home, meatball noodles suitable for all ages. Similarly, the potato cakes star on her orders. Besides this is his favorite, cakes can also be enjoyed by Sasha, son.

"It's not a tradition, but a habit," said Asti correcting my question. Sure enough he was. I realized that my mindset about Christmas cooking magazines formed by foreign and local. They always describe the special Christmas menu for the celebration. In fact, unlike the menu widths that are selected for the big celebration, christmas dishes just to glue the members of this family. So one should not the same cuisine with everyday dishes.

From the stories of my friends, in my opinion it was a real Christmas dishes and stress-free. I like this concept. If I celebrate Christmas and have to choose the menu, I would do these two steps:

1) Start with one member of the family's favorite dishes.

2) Make sure all the nuclear family can take it. Finally came the noodles meatballs and potato cakes are certainly likeable.

Hence, in addition to her mother's house is going to Asti for bernatalan, I am also pleased meatball noodles on the table eating every christmas :).

Congratulations celebrate Christmas to all!