Pilpres Di Bulan Ramadhan


I truly pray in my heart that the presidential election coincided with Ramadan is going well. Being able to take a wise decision when choosing.

Now, each sitting in Kopaja AC majors Lebak Bulus - P. Monday, I got a new habit. Back reading timeline facebook! If a year ago I 'son twitter really' the eve of Ramadan and Elections (Election) July 9, 2014 I became a child facebooklagi. No, I'm not a kid facebook status that often make it. I was silent user. Is there a social media communication theory that describes the behavior of the user like me? I do not know, I've never read. But definitely, facebook timeline being 'hot hot' welcomes Presidential Election (Election of President and Vice President). How come?

I think this is the most exciting presidential election in the history of politics in Indonesia (yaiyalah former president we've only be six in number).

So this is very exciting for me. I become more knowledge, more understanding. Often after reading status or long article a friend of mine said to myself, "Oh .. so". Discussion on the way home with my husband even more exciting because I keep asking this and that, ask his opinion about what I read in this morning facebook timeline. Some afternoons I've asked her husband about one topic. If what he knew was not considered enough for him, there is a chance to download even googling related videos on Youtube, once her intentions.

Presidential election this time falls in the month of Ramadan, a month filled with privileges.

Month which teaches us to abstinence. Including the matter of black and fasting campaign negative talk about other people. Not suudzon, prejudice to any human being.

I truly pray in my heart that this time the presidential election goes well, and the whole community in Indonesia, including me, were able to take a wise decision when choosing.

Why this time I was so intent, political apathy is not like it used to? Since the start of this year I will feel the immediate effects of government policy next 5 years and beyond.

So I should be able to determine the most correct choice based on my conscience. I think a lot of my friends who agree, do not you think?